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Trip in April?

Planning a trip next month, what is the rules from the US, What are the rules for leaving the US and returning and the same for SXM? We usually stayed at the Alamanda, is it still open, What are other hotels do you recommend? Are you safe in Taxis going to and from the airport?

Thanks in advance

If you're vaccinated (hopefully) all you need do is upload your vac card to the St. Martin EHAS site to travel there, To return to the US you'll need an antigen test, which can be performed at numerous places - we like the Bellevue Pharmacie. Alamanda has been closed since Irma. We always rent a car, have never taken a taxi, but you'd be safe in a registered one. Requirements can change; I'd recommend keeping up to date on the many forums on FB & elsewhere.

"But then I think about the good times, down in the Caribbean sunshine..." (J.B.)
As far as O Beach hotels, we have stayed at La Playa, pre Irma, and loved it. It still gets great reviews since the rebuild. Orient Beach Hotel gets rave reviews also, but we have never stayed there. My understanding is Florence from Club O is involved with this hotel and she is fantastic. We use VRBO and Airbnb and stay somewhere in the village usually. We will be there next week. Good luck with your planning!

Life's a beach!
We stayed at Orient Beach hotel in Feb. and ir was great. It was our first time in a hotel vs a villa. The staff is great, the view is fantastic. We have already booked the hotel for next year.
We're at Orient Beach Hotel at this very moment, our second stay, and its fantastic. Short walk to CO beach and lots of places to eat, if you're into that which we are not. You'll love it.
We just booked 3 days at OBH for May, as we had to rebook our trip and our villa wasn't available for the whole 10 days. This is actually great as we will get a first hand experience of the place. Have a great time beachrunner!

Life's a beach!
We've returned to earth and are home after a week in St Martin. In my previous post I gave a poor description of what we're "in to". I meant we're not into food or fine cuisine so we ate at the Perch Lite every day and spent the rest of the time on Club O beach. We way many people again we're seen over he last 13 years, did lots of beach walks inside the boundaries of Club O, and had another very relaxing time. The Papagayo has deteriorated further and my guess it will be in the drink by next year. It does appear they've cleared out the "creepers" that used to hang out there, although we still don't go explore the area after our experience with a couple nefarious characters a couple years ago. All In all a great trip.
Glad you had a great time. It's always great seeing folks again from past trips! Will be there in 3 weeks.

Life's a beach!
We arrive on Friday usually stay in a villa it will be our first time at orient Beach hotel but when we were on sxm back in Nov we had friends who were staying at orient Beach hotel and it was great so we will give a report first hand anyone else staying in the area
Here is what you'll see at sunrise from the Hotel.
Very nice Beachrunner. We really miss those views when we stayed at Club Orient.

"But then I think about the good times, down in the Caribbean sunshine..." (J.B.)
Nice view, Is that ground floor or balcony? We have a ground floor room in a few weeks.

Life's a beach!
Thats from the ground floor. Last year we stayed on the third and we actually like ground better because you can walk right out onto the pathway in early AM and check out the beach. You have to be more aware of what you are or are not wearing because people can peer right in, but we didn't get any complaints. Just have to be mindful of people who don't see nudity the same way we was great.
Thanks, that's great! We're planning on heading right off the patio for our sunrise beach walks. I was wondering if there was enough cover from the landscape or not. Guess we will see! Can't wait!

Life's a beach!
This is from the walkway. It was early morning and she didn't want anyone to see her not ready for prime time.
Boy that looks nice and semi private? Nothing wrong with prime time. When in Rome! LOL . Mine is much less shy now!

Life's a beach!