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SXM travel

Ok, so it's been quiet here considering whats going on. Is anyone cancelling, still going or undecided on there SXM travel? Anyone on the rock now that has any inside info how travel has been? Thanks

Life's a beach!

We're just hoping it tops out before the end of April so we can go. Strange times.
Just read on traveltalkonline that people coming from USA will not be allowed to enter beginning March 17. The ban will last 2 weeks and will be reevaluated at that time. Such a bummer for travelers, but especially for the islanders who make their living from tourists. So sad.
Yes that is very sad for the struggling SXM economy, but they feel they have to do it. I'm not sure they could handle a major out break. We are supposed to travel on April 1st, the first day after the ban. Who knows whats coming. I've just got to cancel for now.

Life's a beach!
So we just got back last night and as always we had a great time. In regards to travel, it may not even be possible as it was announced (to the best of my knowledge) that they are closing and severly restricting flights in and out of SXM as of today 3/16/2020. So it may not even be possible to go and if you can go you may not be able to leave. Crazy world right now and probably not the best time to travel, especially internationally.

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Sounds like hotel California
Yes it is now impossible to travel which makes the decision even easier. We will re book when the dust settles. Drrobb, glad you were able to squeak out your vacation and have a great time. I'm sure it is lovely as ever and will be there when ready again.

Life's a beach!
My queries were just answered. Looks like Charlotte airport has ceased all flights to the Caribbean until May 6 at the earliest. Darn it.