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So I am wondering if anyone knows if there is always beachball and net available from the Perch Lite like there was in the past. We were there last year and there was but I'm not sure if the ball and net we used was supplied by the Perch Lite or if it was brought by the people we played with. I just never thought to ask. We will be there for 10 days from March 5-15 and definitely want tp play. Does anyone know what's up?

I'm pretty sure Perch has their nets set up all the time. Bill Sahlman is always on Facebook trying to set up games around 2:30 at the Perch. Sometimes when he can't make it, he says ask Cedric for the ball. Bill will still be there during your stay.

Life's a beach!

Life's a beach!
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Thanks so much for the reply, I didn't know Bill's last name but we just reached out to him by facebook. I just wanted to be prepared as we love to play every day!!

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Your welcome. Glad i could help. I like to play too, but last April Bill or no one else showed up to play the whole week. Maybe this year. Have fun!

Life's a beach!
The net was there today. But I haven't seen anyone playing.
I have read that they have been playing at one of the nets further north up the beach.

Life's a beach!
Not for nothin' but if I wanted to play with clothes on I'd play at home!!
Haha, i hear ya on that!

Life's a beach!
I am going to Florida in a couple of weeks and could not get all the days I wanted at one resort So I am spreading them out over 3 resorts.
I amj staying 3 days in Lake Como, staying in Lutz FL, for a couple of days and visir Paradise Lakes as a day tripper then Driving down to Cypress Cove for 5 days. And maybe on the way backti the Northland We may swing by Caliente for a couple of days.

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People were playing volleyball on the CO beach today.