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Recent visit to Cypress Cove

Wife and I visited C.C. the second week in September for seven days and here is our report. First the place is laid back and to date myself Groovy. Prices were reasonable $208/night in their best unit, remodeled apt, that included Florida room tax. Pool and showers were clean and well kept. Staff was helpful and polite. Massage was great ( Tammy ), Food good and service as well. Huge property that provides miles of evening walks through the home sites and RV park. The hotel rooms are next to the two heated well kept pools and hot tubs. Pleasant people congregate around pools until about nine o'clock PM. September is slow for visitors but not dead. Too many activities to list. I spoke to many members and residents and not one negative comment. Private owner of park lives on site. The Hadley Family if i remember right. We will be back and would not change a thing. It will never replace Club Orient but what could???

My wife and I stopped at Cypress Cove on our way home for the first time visit. The tour was very short and only was a walking tour around the main areas like the 2 pools, the hot tub, Cheeks, the boutique and salon. It would have been nice for a golf cart tour of the entire grounds to see how much land there is. We stayed a couple of hours, enjoyed the pool and a drink at Cheeks.

It is just my opinion but if the tour included more of the property, we would have been inclined to stay overnight and explore. We will go back.
Dawg- Just a guess on my part but the Cove is protective of it's residents, probably does not want dressed visitors cruising through the residential section. Of course nothing kept you from walking around, right?
True but when you have no idea where you are you might be apprehensive about boundaries. IMHO it would be better for us to have been escorted throughout the resort/village in an official tour than for us to walk around and getting lost then looking suspicious when we are trying to find our way back to the office. Noting would have stopped us from walking around, I agree, either clothed or not but if I were a resident I'd feel better if the clothed folks were in a Cypress Cove golf cart being escorted by Cypress Cove personnel. Just my .02
True. Most likely they would have taken you around if you had known enough to ask. The gals at the desk are often busy and for some reason they are asked to also give these tours. So they keep them short. On our first visit over 20 years ago they had someone else with a golf cart doing it, makes more sense.
The obvious solution... go explore the resort after you take your clothes off! Residents are always super friendly when we walk around the resort. The only time we see signs saying residents only in some areas is during open events like Nude-A-Palooza where non-nudists are allowed into the resort. On the flip side, the nude 5K race course goes around the entire resort through all of the residential areas. The Cove is very different from Club O, but we love both and wish Club O could reopen.
Made it to Cypress for the winter in time for some beautiful weather, mid- to upper-80's, sunny, not counting a rip-roaring thunderstorm Wednesday. The place continues to keep looking up, renovated office and pool bar, parking slab for golf, etc. Lots of visitors, fairly crowded at the pools!