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Newbie Questions


Being a possible first timer, what are costs like on the island (car rental, restaurants, groceries, etc.)? Is it easy to get around? Is a car necessary or is airport to Orient Beach area transportation available? Thanks!

We stay in village and no longer rent a car. But first three years we did. Did the tourists things and happy now with just staying in village. Cab ride $25.00 +- from airport. They will stop at grocery store and wait for you. Only cost a few bucks and worth it. Village has several good restaurants and small grocery/liquor store. Hope this helps and you will have a good time!
My wife and I were there last month. We stayed in a villa above Orient Village. We always rent a car. We pay between $20 and $25 a day for a slightly banged up Toyota. We stop at Carrfour just over the causeway for groceries and beer,wine,liquor. It’s about $300 for the week. Restaurants depending on your taste can cost anywhere from $40 at a Lolo to $100 to $150 at a higher end restaurant in Grand Case per couple. Lunch at a beach restaurant will be $40 to $50. We do breakfast at the villa and bring baguette sandwiches to the beach almost every day for lunch. And we grill at the almost every other night so we save some money there.
Have fun! You’re going to love Saint Martin. It’s also very easy to get around the island but traffic can be a challenge at times. Watch out for the guys on dirt bikes. They speed down the center lane and there is no center lane.
Budgets for the trip can vary widely based on accomodations and what you want to do. We always rent a car for the freedom it allows to go where ever we want, whenever we want. It also depends on when you go (time of year) and how long you stay. During the high season prices (at least for accomodations) have increased significantly since Irma. Seems simoply like a matter of supply and demand. Could give you better info if I had more specifics on your plans and what you want to do. Good luck!