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Paya Bay

Just wondering if anyone has been to Paya Bay in Roatan? It appears to be catering more to the naturist community, but interested in any firsthand reviews.


We went there about 6 or 7 years ago. I received an email from them recently and doesn't look like its changed much. It does cater to naturism most weeks. It's very remote so any excursion is an all day affair. The restaurant is unremarkable. World class snorkeling and scuba. The small beach is very secluded and nice and has a plunge pool. Great nature trails. The yoga pavillion has a great view of the sunrise. Family owners are very nice and if you need something they will pick it up on one of their runs into town. We have no plans to go back anytime soon, but it might be our failsafe should CO fail to recover and, god forbid, textiles take over the south end of the Orient.
Thanks sxmfan. I appreciate the insight.
We took a side trip to Paya Bay on our BNB cruise this past February. It seemed like a very nice place, beach was nice, the chairs wee comfortable and the restaurant was good. It seemed clean and well-kept. It's in the middle of no where, a long ride from the cruise port and getting there requires a long ride down a dirt road. We had looked into staying there after Irma hit SXM, but found that getting to Roatan was going to take more than a day of travel, so we bailed on that plan. Friends of ours have gone twice, so they must like it.
I understand beachgoerll, the travel to Roatan and the trip to the resort is the biggest factor in deciding if we'll go.