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Island Magic

We just got back from a 9 night stay in Orient Village and it was magical. From the beachin' at Club O to the socializing at Aloha and Orange Fever. We met some awesome people including Christa and her husband. Love, love, love St. Martin. The island magic is alive and well:) We are already counting the days until our visit next year.

We looked for Orange Fever in the new building section, but didn't see it. Is that where it is located?

It was nice to meet you guys. We will be back next year around the first of June.
Yes. Orange Fever is located two buildings down from Aloha in the new section. The current building isn't orange but the chairs and umbrellas out front are still orange.
We tried Aruba and Curacao this year in stead of St Martin. They just don't compare to St Martin. Once you get hooked on St Martin there is no place like it. Actually once you are at Club O there is no place like that in the world. I know where we are going next year!
Your are so right. Club O is the only place for us, unless it is a non beach trip after we have had our vacation at Club O.
No doubt! Club O spoils you!!