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Tree Lizard

Another one down and we cant wait to get back! Each year, we leave something to find when we return. This year, we tied a small lizard (plastic) to the palm closest to the Perch! For anyone lucky enough to be THERE, rather than HERE...please let us know if that thing is still hanging on!

jdcoronado77 We found a VRBO right in the village and plan to walk south and see Cedric! Hopefully you can find a suitable tree for the Lizard!

Life's a beach!
We hope to get back this year. Longest stretch away since we first started going. We’ve found a few other places to go but none compare!
jdcoronado77 Are you the jarhead we met a few years back? Wife a West Point grad? Just curious.
Now that is one small lizard; nothing like the lizard of yesteryear. He will probably grow like the old one did after people feed him a steady diet of cheeseburgers.

Paragraphs Are A Reader's Best Friend.

Wondering when we will be back! Hope everyone is doing well!