Gunnison Beach, Sandy Hook, NJ

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November 27 2020 21:00


Gunnison Beach, Sandy Hook, NJ
July 09 2019 20:43

We just spent a couple of days with friends at Gunnison Beach on Sandy Hook, NJ, part of the Gateway National Recreation Area., We are longtime fans of this beach, started going there 22 years ago! Due to recent rule changes, tents and alcohol are now prohibited on the beach and this seems to have made a change for the better e.g. the unruly part of the crowd is down, for one thing. At any rate, the beach was not crowded either Sunday (last day of July 4th weekend) or Monday (empty due to a rainy morning, beautiful in the afternoon). We had a great time both days! Monday we brought dinner subs and stayed to past 7PM. Attached is a sketch that wifey made of the view from the beach. Hope it turns out.


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