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May 21 2019 16:30


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February 19 2019 00:17

Headed back to Club O beach after a 2 year absence. Hopefully we will reconnect with old friends and make some new ones.


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February 19 2019 01:44

We are headed back after two years also. 16 day and counting.
February 19 2019 10:42

Going to be strange not staying at Club O but adapt and overcome as they say.
February 19 2019 16:57

We felt the same way, and even hesitated to visit the beach. Driving in and passing the unit in which we last stayed (MSDeluxe #115) was painful. But seeing the beach, seeing Cedric & several former Papagayo employees at Perch Lite, meeting friends, it still was a wonderful day.

"But then I think about the good times, down in the Caribbean sunshine..." (J.B.)
February 19 2019 18:30

Same here canam, 43 days and the count is on! Hope to see some of the regulars for sure.

Life's a beach!
February 21 2019 22:00

Ive heard some scuttlebutt about Cedrick having problems with the folks who see nothing wrong with taking pictures on the C/O part of Orient. Apparently a camera ended up being broken. Anyone know anything about this. I was wondering how that is being handled now Club O isnt there.
February 21 2019 22:50

Club O security has sent a few cameras for a swim over the years too.
February 21 2019 22:56

Ill find out soon enough. 9 days to go
February 23 2019 12:10

about pictures and camera on orient beach and the problem with security ppl.
The beach in front of Club O is public which means it belongs to all.
Under French Law , you are allowed on public places to take pictures, of course you are not supposed to take pictures of nudists if they do not agree but security is not allowed to take your camera or you just tell them to call the Gendarmes.
That problem has been going for years and it is abusive on their part.
February 23 2019 13:07

Also, isn't it a french law that you cannot take a picture of a person , clothed or not, with out their consent?

Life's a beach!
February 23 2019 13:41

not really but if u post it somewhere u might need their consent
February 23 2019 14:32

I would think the problem would be who really knows what is being photographed. The beach is public, yes but it is also a designated C/O area. I would also think that if the security on the beach did not have the authority to detain people and delete photos, which they have done for years, then the Collective would have clipped thier wings long ago. In the end its all about money, Im sure the powers that be want the nude tourism and the curosity it attracts. Towards that end protecting the privacy of people on that portion of the beach makes sense. Just my take on it.
February 23 2019 17:24

When we were there for Christmas, there was a guy secretly taking photos of a family including young teens until he was discovered. About six guys surrounded him. He denied it at first but then he said he would delete all the photos. The brother of the girl being photographed tackled him and the father through his phone in the ocean. Cedrick made the guy leave.
February 23 2019 17:40

It's bad enough when these types photograph adults unbeknownst to the adult but to photograph children is just plain perverted and he got what he deserved. Only problem is that it is unknown if he already sent the photos or if they are in his cloud. Technology has both a positive and negative ramifications.
February 23 2019 18:07

I won't let my wife see this. She would wear a swimming suit for sure if she thought it was rampant.
February 24 2019 00:02

Originally posted by beachrunner I won't let my wife see this. She would wear a swimming suit for sure if she thought it was rampant.
I actually pity the poor jerk who tries to photograph my wife, its happened before, Canadian girls dont suffer those kind of fools well.
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