New chairs at Club O

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January 22 2020 15:42


New chairs at Club O
January 24 2019 21:09

A group of Club O owners got together and raised funds for Cedric to buy 100 new chairs, 50 umbrellas and a new Kubota tractor to clean the beach. smileAll have been delivered to Club O. Cedric will be hiring Chi Chi to operate the tractor - this was Chi Chi's job at Club O and so most of you will recognise him.

Not the news we're all waiting on - but still good news.


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January 24 2019 22:06

Cedric posted to facebook about it but didn't mention the tractor. It's a small step, but a good one.
January 24 2019 23:55

The old Kubota needs to be buried. We saw it in June next to one of the buildings close to the laundry center, and it was in bad shape. Sad actually.

Glad there is now a new one.

Paragraphs Are A Reader's Best Friend.
January 25 2019 00:24

Yes, an owner confirmed that they did also buy a tractor to clean the beach. Maybe this is a good sign of something happening behind the scenes!
Also, the Club O web sites now says under construction, Be back soon.

Life's a beach!
January 25 2019 01:09

Please let it be so.
January 25 2019 15:32

This news just made my day!
January 25 2019 16:27

The WEBSITE is under construction.
January 26 2019 14:31

Yes, sorry i wasn't clear, the website is under construction.

Life's a beach!
January 26 2019 17:36

How quickly hopes can be dashed.

Paragraphs Are A Reader's Best Friend.
January 27 2019 01:03

I'm confused. Why would hopes be dashed if the site is under construction? It said it will be back soon...maybe I'm gullible or just missed the meaning. Sounds hopeful to me.
January 27 2019 02:12

It could be sign of future things to come or it might be a way to keep that web address alive in case
January 28 2019 00:17

Originally posted by beachrunner I'm confused. Why would hopes be dashed if the site is under construction? It said it will be back soon...maybe I'm gullible or just missed the meaning. Sounds hopeful to me.
It's the Club O website, not Club O itself that is under construction. A member or two here thought it was Club O that was under construction. Thus their hopes were dashed when they found out it wasn't Club O that was under construction, but it was the website.

Paragraphs Are A Reader's Best Friend.
January 28 2019 00:32

Roger that. I knew it was website, and the fact that they feel a need to have it at all is encouragement enough for me. I'll grasp at problem.
January 28 2019 14:16

Sorry this is so long but I really regret not getting there when I was younger. Having said that.....

Unfortunately we never stayed at Club O and it took us 15 years to actually stay on the island as a visitor to the island after numerous cruise visits. If Club O rebuilds before we are too old or dead we will stay there.

We had planned to go September 9th through the 16th 2017 for our 39th anniversary but a beeotch named Irma changed our plans. We decided to tempt fate again this past September for our 40th anniversary and it worked out great. We stayed in a VRBO condo on Billy Folly Road right on the water (villa Carisma). We were a little tentative about exploring too much because we were unfamiliar with the roads so we stayed mainly around the immediate area of Pelican. Since it was our first visit we decided on this area because it seemed to be more "Americanized" area which we thought might be more comfortable.

We did make a trip to Philipsburg one day but didn't stay too long. We went to Back Street to try to find some local things rather than the typical tourist stuff that is all from China etc. It was very hot and Barbara was getting disgusted that all of the shops seemed to have the same things so we cut it short.

Another trip we made was to Orient Beach. Not knowing the roads I reached out to a poster on TTOL who lives on the island and she gave me perfect directions. We had been to the non-Club O section on our previous cruise visits but never the "Nekkid Beach" before. This trip was to get out of our comfort zone, more so for my wife than I. Well suffice it to say it was a no ships-in-port day on Monday, September 10th which, ironically, was our 40th anniversary. We arrived so early the chain across the lot was still up so we parked in the taxi area behind what used to be Pedro's and walked to the Club O section as the guys were just starting to set up a few chairs. About 5 minutes later 2 other couples showed up (one couple was another poster on TTOL and his wife).

It took us a minute to set up the chairs and put our towels and bags down. Not wanting to belabor the ultimate fear/anxiety of being nude outside in a public setting for the first time in my 61 years I just stripped down and walked into the water. I looked back and saw the love of my life, who had only been topless once in her 65 years in public, suddenly take her top off and walk into the water. The other couples had already removed their clothes and were sitting on their chairs by this point. We stayed in the water a few minutes and then Barb walked back to her chair and to my surprise she removed her bottoms before lying on her chair. That was the beginning of our newfound freedom and neither of us felt awkward. A huge part of the reason was that the other 2 couples we met that day made us feel so welcome that we didn't even care that we were naked. These folks were the epitome of the acceptance that we had read about on numerous blogs/articles about the non-judgmentalness of naturists. We stayed there a few hours until my fair Irish-heritage skin was getting more sun than I needed. As we were leaving and headed back to our condo Barb turned to me and said she had a great time and was shocked that after a few minutes she didn't care about being nude and actually forgot that she was. She said she wanted to make a return trip on Wednesday.

Wednesday came but the weather was rainy so we decided against going. Thursday came and the weather was better but not perfect. Thinking we'd have to cancel again I was afraid we wouldn't be able to have a return visit. Barbara looked at me and said "Let's have some breakfast and head out to Orient Beach." We ate something at the condo and we got ready to go to OB. I knew Barbara was OK with the idea of being naked on the beach because as she was getting dressed she put on just a t-shirt and gym shorts. I asked her if she was going to put her bathing suit on to which she replied. "Nope, not needed."

Enroute to the beach the skies were overcast but we saw spots of blue here and there. We arrived at the beach and parked behind the Perch Lite. When we arrived those other couple as well as a few others had gathered under the covering because it had rained a few minutes earlier. One of the couples had made some guacamole dip, and offered it to all as we killed a few minutes waiting for the weather to cooperate. Ten minutes and a Presidente later, the ski was blue and chairs were being set up. Once we got settled in our chairs it was as if these folks were lifelong friends. We had numerous conversations and then others joined in. We had another couple from Florida (They live in Jacksonville and we're from Sarasota) take chairs next to us. Most of the folks had stayed at Club O in the past and even though the description was that the resort was "rustic" there was nothing but positive reviews. We hated to leave but had made late lunch plans at the Buccaneer Beach Bar.

Barbara said she now sees that the convenience of the Club O resort could make for a great vacation because you could spend a week on vacation and only have to pack a carry on bag! The same outfit worn from home to the resort would be the same outfit worn home. No other clothing needed unless going off property. I hope they rebuild soon, we'd like to check a week at Club O off our bucket list.

We will be there again this June and are looking forward to a little more island exploration.
January 28 2019 14:19

Oh I forgot to say we will be staying on the French side in the village. After speaking with Christa and her description about the area, Barb and I decided that a week of sand gravity on Orient sounded too good to pass up
January 28 2019 22:30

To me, "Rustic" implies things like a lack of indoor plumbing, so I wouldn't describe Club O that way. Each unit had air conditioning, a full bath, and a small (but very usable) kitchen. They eventually added telephones and TVs. The WiFi was horrible, maybe that's what made it rustic?

After my first trip, back in the days when you could walk all of Orient beach nude, and even eat or shop at some places nude, I figured I would take no clothes with me on my next visit, other than what I wore on the trip there. I delayed my visit until after the customs changed, so I did end up taking a bit of clothing.
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