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Haulover again
December 15 2018 12:26

(Sorry about the repeat posting, I can't seem to delete either one!)

We are down at Haulover now, have been for the last 3 days. It's been windy but great weather otherwise! Low 80's and partly sunny. We have a windscreen so the wind isn't an issue. Light crowds so far, will see today (Sunday). We get there early so no problem finding the perfect spot at water's edge. We brought all our own stuff but they have plenty of pricey equipment rentals, i.e. umbrellas ($10 I think), beach chairs (2 for $15 I think) and shelters ($25). Nice mixed crowd of young and old. Come on down!!

Re-parking, still wise to get there early on weekends, e.g. before 10. Avoid the lines at the kiosks by getting the PayByPhone app on your phone and pay for parking spot in advance, $6. Location = 46253 for the north lot. After entering, go to the left as construction workers are hogging the northern section. The new walkway under the road is very nice, no steps so you can just roll your beach cart to the beach! We bought a foldable wagon at Walmart for $45 and are using that. No good in thick sand but it gets you 90% there!

We stayed at a nearby condo rented by our friends.via VRBO or AirBnB. Could be a reasonable deal if you are staying a week or more. There are some recommendations from SFFB here: https://www.beachesfoundation.org/haulover.html#Lodging
We have not stayed at these places so I can't comment on them, except for Oleta River SP which has a dozen small cabins, sort of like camping. But that's your cheapest, closest bet if you can handle the lack of services. A couple of sleeping bags and a big cooler and you're all set. smile Have heard that the Newport is decent but expensive.
There are lots of motels out near I-95 if you don't mind driving a bit. We have other friends staying in an RV out at C.B. Smith park and they like it. Nasty drive at times though.


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