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Up coming Trip

Wife and I going down in October. We are staying in the village on Orient Beach. I should have checked this forum before going. Is the Club Orient Beach still open for nudist and is Cederick still there.

Mostly is it still safe around the village, we were there last year, and all was well. Any information about Covid procedures, we were vaccinated last year before going, is that still valid to get into SXM. What about coming home do you still need a negative test.

Anyone been down recently?

oh, sorry I didn't read Cool breezes post. Looks like things are ok. But what about Covid requirements?
As of right now, if you are fully vaccinated you get instant approval through the EHAS form. No testing to return to the US.

Life's a beach!
Thanks, I did a test on the EHAS form, and it went thru fast. It put me at ease. Reading that web site was so confusing.
We went over July 4th week. They looked at EHAS and Vaccine Card and stamped Passport. Then they said. “Welcome back to our island and hope you enjoy your stay” Was just as easy departing.