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Club Orient Status?

Not sure if this has been discussed on another thread recently and I just missed it, but does anyone have any news on the status of a Club O rebuild? For a while, things were not looking optimistic, and then we saw a glimmer of hope on the Club O FAQ site that talked about things getting started this fall? Any movement? Thanks! Hope everyone is doing well!

As I said back then, if they said it would be this fall, it will be late winter or spring at the earliest.

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We just returned from SXM, spent the week at Orient Beach. I met a couple of people that owned places at Club Orient. They both feel the same that nothing will happen in the near future due to the on going law suits in the French courts. Insurance money has been paid out, but nothing has been disbursed.

It's so sad to see, the property is slowing being over grown on the backside. It's hard to walk around the ruins like you once could. But the beach is nice and the old guest that stayed over the years still come to enjoy the beach and relive old memories. One thing that would be nice if they would at least take some of the money and clean up and remove all the buildings along the beach.

There is likely a legal difference between repair and rebuilding. If they leave the ruins they might be able to claim they are repairing them.
Unfortunately Papagayos and all the water front chalets and most of the beachfront chalets are beyond repair. They are also a safety hazard while walking that part of the beach. Removing them and cleaning up the beach would be nice. We can only hope that one day Club Orient can return in some form.
We'll be back to the beach for sure...but will continue to hold out hope that the number of people who hold such great memories of their time at Club O will keep the possibility of rebuild/repair alive.
Haven’t been to Orient for four years. Miss it, would like to return soon. Is the island open for tourists? Where’s a close place to stay now close to the old club location?
We are going back for 2 weeks nov 6th we never stayed at club o we always stayed down the beach near the square in a villa for us it was usually once a year for the past 25 yrs up until irma can't wait its the best place to vacation
Thanks, stayed at Jardin O up the hill, but it required a car.
Is st Martin COVID open?
We miss Cedric too