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We are interested in visiting OB again. visited the island before Irma and found risque swimsuits were tolerated at the textile side of the beach for both men and women. Is this still the case? are we gonna get in trouble if we are in some risque suits at the textile side or we'd better stay at the C/O side? Thanks!

It was a nude yoga class in public. People should expect to see a lot.
Well, it wasn't advertised as a "nude yoga" class; it was advertised as a "yoga class." I was the only one who showed up naked. I think the instructor was a bit shocked when she realized I wasn't going to wear anything. I couldn't wear anything as I didn't bring anything with me other than a towel.

I think the two guys couldn't believe their good fortune. They were positioned to see my all and got views only my husband should see–as did the guys walking by the pavilion.

I will have to say it was the best yoga class I ever had. Would love to do it again, but alas, not to be.

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Lingerie photos could be interesting too Christa.
I have one or two lingerie photos, but I thought the rule was that images should be St. Martin related? Either at St. Martin or in preparation for St. Martin.

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I am ok with breaking rules!
I need to find one that is more modest; that is, it isn't shot between my legs. My husband is the one with the camera, and like a typical male, he likes the between the legs shots.

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I thought you have said you have no modesty left! Any pics that you post have always been perfect, in my opinion. Your husband is a good photographer, not to mention a very lucky man.
I have no modesty left, but this is a public forum, and I don't want to show my all to strangers who might put it all on the web.

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You have my email!!!!
Originally posted by thedeputydog You have my email!!!!

Monsieur le Chien Adjoint: You are a bad dog.

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I can send you my email!
This is the one Kerry posted in Vacation Snaps. Of course my legs aren't together, and my husband took advantage of my indiscretion. I currently don't have nearly that much bush. I'll scout around and see if I can find one that shows my current appearance.

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This image shows the current status of my bush, or lack thereof. Board members who have visited in May during the last 4 or 5 years might recognize me from this image.

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Thank you for sharing these pictures thumbsUp
Thanks you made my afternoon! Maybe we will meet on the beach someday.