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We are interested in visiting OB again. visited the island before Irma and found risque swimsuits were tolerated at the textile side of the beach for both men and women. Is this still the case? are we gonna get in trouble if we are in some risque suits at the textile side or we'd better stay at the C/O side? Thanks!

I have found another picture of me at Club O. It is a rare rearview. Anyone want to see it? Warning: It is fairly explicit, so be careful what you wish for.

Anymore guesses as to how you can tell I am totally relaxed in that picture of me taken in front of our waterfront chalet? Nobody got close to the right answer.

I am doing my best to liven this place up. If it means posting explicit pictures, I am ready to try that.

Paragraphs Are A Reader's Best Friend.

Paragraphs Are A Reader's Best Friend.
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This forum could use some life to it. It is always a pleasure to see your photo's
I would love to see the photo. Club O does have some great Kodak moments
Of course we want to see it!
Not much interest in seeing my rear view. Surely more than two guys want to see it? I rather like the photo, and I think you guys would as well.

Paragraphs Are A Reader's Best Friend.
You have two fans that want to see.
more than two for sure and for years
Let us see the Beautiful Christa
I'm a new forum member (been visiting for years but never signed in 'cause didn't have anything to say anybody wanted to hear)
BUT Christa Send the picture!
Now things are getting interesting. We just need more traffic on this forum. I have been a member since before the beginning, and it bothers me to see the board sink into oblivion.

Paragraphs Are A Reader's Best Friend.
I have to agree with everyone here. You said you like the picture and believe we would too. No better way to find out than to post it!

You should also know that you have many fans of your posts and pictures. Maybe we can get some fire in this board and keep the love of the best nude beach going.
Count me as a fan too!
You can see that some of your fans have chimed in. Don't let us down, post the picture so we hopefully can get this board to be as active as it was before Irma decimated the island. You'll be doing a great service to the island of Saint Martin by re-energizing interest to spend time and money there.
Well, Mr. Deputy as you have phrased it as service to the Island, that tips the board in favor of posting the image. This was in one of the waterfront chalets. I think I had dropped a book behind the sofa; I was looking for it, and my husband caught me in a vulnerable position.

Everyone may look at the picture, and even enlarge it, except Beachrunner.

Paragraphs Are A Reader's Best Friend.
You teasing again? I didn’t see the picture.