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We are interested in visiting OB again. visited the island before Irma and found risque swimsuits were tolerated at the textile side of the beach for both men and women. Is this still the case? are we gonna get in trouble if we are in some risque suits at the textile side or we'd better stay at the C/O side? Thanks!

Have you not yet found that book? Wait a minute and I'll be right over to help you locate it.
When I saw your comment, I went back a page and looked at the image again. I think maybe it shows a little too much.

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I think it's fine
Originally posted by bc9913 I think it's fine
Yes, you would.

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Showing too much? Nah, it is after all your birthday suit, which is always the best swimsuit.
I have now forgotten what I have posted. Guess I will need to go back and see what I have done. I know I did that one of me on the couch and a full size of my avatar, but don't remember any others.

The problem with my posting pictures is that I'm not good about keeping my legs together in those pictures, and you guys get to see too much of me.

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I can’t speak for everyone. But I do not recall seeing to much. Just enough until you post another picture! Please helped the last time. Please post another one.
I went back and looked at the images I have posted. Wow, you guys got to see a lot. But no-one figured out the tell tale signs that I was relaxed in the image on page 10.

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Your nipples looked pretty relaxed.
Setting at Club O is enough to relax anyone. Miss those days!!!
Originally posted by bc9913 Your nipples looked pretty relaxed.

Yes, you got it right.

Paragraphs Are A Reader's Best Friend.
I was wrong on my guess. I thought it was that "Mona Lisa" smile I saw. Feel free to quiz us with other new pictures to see of we can figure out your state of mind.

P.S. I love your choice of swimsuit