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We are interested in visiting OB again. visited the island before Irma and found risque swimsuits were tolerated at the textile side of the beach for both men and women. Is this still the case? are we gonna get in trouble if we are in some risque suits at the textile side or we'd better stay at the C/O side? Thanks!

Originally posted by kellygx Lol Brianq, maybe you saw me. I'm all natural and spend at least a week a year at Orient Beach. Used to go around end of June/early July over the 4th, but post Irma haven't been as consistent. I can post some of my pics with the swimsuit you reference above on Orient beach lol.

Please do it. Maybe you can get the place going when I haven't been able to.

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OK well here goes, hope this is OK, did you see me at Club O beach b4 lol? This is one pre-irma.

I don’t recall seeing you. Maybe you need to post a few more pictures to jog my memory. Nice picture!
Yes, it is a nice picture. Which beach is that?

Paragraphs Are A Reader's Best Friend.
In looking at the buildings in the background, I think that is the pennisula that juts out beyond the water sports shack.

Paragraphs Are A Reader's Best Friend.
Christa, I think you are right.
From what I've read, Christa, you're the only reason this forum still exists. These guys are putty in your hands. We plan on going in May and will report back on the situation. As of last year nothing had changed except that Papagayo was almost completely in the water. Maybe they've moved a rock or two. Still our favorite place on earth...except home, of course. Cheers.
Unique lovely pic, thanks for posting! Ah the good ole days...
Thanks ladies for posting - these are great shots - hopefully there are more, MANY more!
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Good call, yes, it’s on the spot just past the water sports building looking back at orient beach, all pre Irma. If someone gives me a good specific request, I’ll post it, lmk, and please be specific and lmk what u want to see, if I have it, I’ll post it lol.
You have anything walking / standing front and back? Laying in chair? I am sure anything you post will look great!
In addition to what Lb said, do you have any of you in the water?
Thank you both for the pictures. Is it time for the guys to return the favor?