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Recent Trip Report

Happy New Year All,
We just got back on Jan 3 after 16 days at O Beach and here is the update.
Things fell very very different, still great and we had a fantastic stay but it definitely felt different than previous trips. ( And for sake of reference this my 15th visit to O Beach in 20 years ) Hmmm, where to begin...ok, Club O post Irma hasn't changed a bit, perhaps worse and still in rubble. But related to that is one of the differences. The land/beach has been rezoned by the French government and is now considered both a high risk zone (which has changed the building/rebuilding rules, hence making new construction damn near impossible) and a nature preservation area. The logic being that they want the beach to return to a "natural" state. So because of this they have taken out the swim platforms and volleyball court (NO VOLLEYBALL!! 😩😩😩) and the large rock breakwaters that were at each end of the beach. So now there is nothing protection the foundation of what remains of Papagayo and it, along with the remains of the chalets nearest it, are being reclaimed by the sea along with the beach and the foundations, and there was a TON of seaweed built up. And the rock wall that used to separate the nude from prude sides of the beach has been removed as well as the foundations of Perdos and other structures. So the limit to the nude area is a little bit of a grey area at the moment.
The village and all the restaurants are up and running. With COVID, there were a lot less people than normal and especially because all of the cruise ships have stopped. Flights have resumed but the cruise ship industry is SCREWED!! Travel was very safe with mandatory testing 120 hous before you leave and if you are staying on the fgrench side the require/request you go for another test within 48 hours after arrival, it's free and done by the Red Cross and took about 90 minutes in total.
The Perch lite is up and running and Kenny is still behind the bar. Good food and nice people. and cedrick is keeping the beach up and running as well as he can. 2 Chairs and umbrella $15- day and the massage hut is still open for business.
And in regards to the shark attack, there is definitely a feeling of caution that was never present before and they are patrolling the waters daily. But again, a freak occurrence. That of course is no comfort to the woman who lost her life.
Nude walks in the morning before 8:30-9a shoiuld be fine. I actually tried it mid day to see what happened. I started north of Bikini Beach Bar where there is a rocky hill that comes out to the beach. I got nude there and walked north all the way to Mount Vernon and back nude with no problem. As a social experiment I stayed nude to see what happened. It was fine until I got to Bikini Beach Bar where a guy simply stopped me and said that it wasn't permitted. I apologized, feigned ignorance and put my surf shorts on as I had them with me. But even mid day, the north end of the beach was fine, it should be, theres nothing there.
So again, very very different than in the past but nonetheless we had a great, relaxing trip and plan on returning again soon. The water is still as blue and the sand is still as white.
If I remember anything else that I think is important I'll post again.
One Life One Love One Island!!thumbsUp

Thanks for the report. We will miss the rafts and nude volleyball. We are planning a visit in July.thumbsUp

"But then I think about the good times, down in the Caribbean sunshine..." (J.B.)
Thanks for the updates. Sounds like you still had a great time.

Life's a beach!
Do we know if the rebuilding of Club Orient will go on eventually ?
My guess is that if we see any rebuilding of anything remotely like Club O, it will be many more years if ever. But it is just that, a guess. My crystal ball is on the fritz.
That would be nice though.
Maybe we are not vets like you but have been 7 or 8 times staying mostly at The Es with a few times at L'Hoste when it was open. Out last trip was Halloween 2019 and we passed in 2020. Maybe back in fall 2021??? Did you make it to Happy or Cupecoy? How is Grand Case? How was the people traffic...we just saw that someone say that on a good day, only 30 people on OB? WE DO MISS IT!!!! Would love to hear more about the fun? PM is ok

Joe n Barb

Joe n Barb
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Sounds as if the government has found a way to finally and permanently eliminate Club O. Wonder if nude use of the beach will be next—maybe 5 years or so down the road?

We were considering buying one of the Waterfront/Beachfront Chalets if one came on the market. Really glad now that we didn't. Looks as though the owners will now lose their investment as it appears rebuilding will be difficult and expensive.

Not a good sign that the rocks in front of Pedro's have been removed, as well as Pedro's foundation. Nude use blends in with textile use. Easier now to eliminate nude use of that portion of the beach. Removal of the rocks must have been expensive, and probably done with an ulterior motive.

Goodbye Club O and all of the good memories you have given us over the past 16 years.

Paragraphs Are A Reader's Best Friend.

Paragraphs Are A Reader's Best Friend.

Paragraphs Are A Reader's Best Friend.
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We stayed at Esmeralda in May of 2017 before the hurricane. We would walk the entire beach twice a day. There were far more people at Club O's portion of the beach than the entire rest of the beach combined. There were so few people at the non-nude beach areas that they had to be losing money.

On our first visit to Orient beach about 15 years ago, Coco's (the beach by Esmeralda) allowed nude use and had a lot of business. Their business started declining once they started putting restrictions on the nude area and eventually eliminating it. Back then about half the morning beach walkers were nude. I don't understand why the government there doesn't realize how much money they are losing by discouraging/restricting nude use.

We discovered Orient Beach about 32 years ago when it was natural with only one bar hut with about 6 stools and a grass hut on the so called non nude side and Club O was also there , nothing else. Oh and by the way the whole beach was only changed when it gained popularity and all the cruise ships starting to pour in...
I guess with so many non naturists and more people gawking then stripping . people assumed the north side of the beach is not nude...It has always been nude and when we went there were always naked walkers using the whole beach.
I guess they were making more money from the gawkers. I was totally disappointed it turned into this. Im glad its going back to its roots . I love going naked and love everyone in their own skin and not fake. last time we were there was Jan 2020. We have a timeshare looking to sell if anyone is interested. 1 bm rm sleeps 4, overlooking the airport. across the street from Royal Casino. Royal Islander la Terrase. priced to sell. If interested please reply
Hey All,
Look, at the end of the day we still had a great time!! 10 out of 10!! I don't like to think about it in terms of better or worse, just different. When you turn around and look at the sea it is just as beautiful as ever. And yes, it is so sad what has happened to Club O. It has been an unfortunate series of big events and our beautiful piece of paradise is injured...but still beautiful and coming back to life. Cedrick and Kenny and others are still there trying to make a go of it. If you truly love the place as we do, keep going. One of most important things for keeping it nude will be continuing to show interest and bringing your bodies, your money, your continued support and your love of OB, if they see a market maybe they'll see a reason to keep the status quo( or version thereof ) as far as nudity is concerned. Whether they want to admit it or not, Club O had to be a draw for several thousands of visitors annually. Build it and they will come sort of thing. We had a FANTASTIC Xmas and New Year's on the island!! Don't give up, it's still wonderful. Ahh...the only thing permanent is change. One Life, One Love, One Island.

-R :)
T/Y Drrobb!

My wife and I so so miss OB and the surrounding area... We are getting our JnJ shots next week...first steps to return to normalcy! Not too sure when we will return but hope it can be later in '21 or early '22! Just enjoy people are returning!!

Joe n Barb
38 days. I'll try and remember to report if anything has changed. Staying at Orient Beach Hotel. Sure miss the Chalet days at Club O, but we'll make do.
In case anyone is wondering. Got our PCR test Friday afternoon, got negative report Sunday morning. Put EHAS application in after church at 11:00 and had approval back by 11:20. Club O beach here we come. It was a breeze. Cheers.
Heading there for the first time on May 29th until Jun 5th. Can't wait to discover this gem.