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New stuff

I've noticed no new posts in over a month, which is understandable given the current requirements for entry are making vacation plans risky.
A couple of things have popped up on various forums, though. The time frame for getting an RPR Covid test with negative results has been extended from 72 to 120 hours from departure.
Also, there was a photo of a line of posts connected by rope that have been installed parallel to the shoreline in front of Club Orient. This possibly could be the new limit for how close to the water new construction could begin. Whatever, it appears some progress is occurring.
However, the date for reopening the border has been pushed back again - this time 'til Oct. 1, and as I write this large protests are taking place. French side businesses are really hurting.
Stay safe, everyone, and someday soon we can all get back to the beach (I need it).

"But then I think about the good times, down in the Caribbean sunshine..." (J.B.)

Where did you see this picture of a roped off Club O?
Thanks for the post. I believe the Prefet has agreed to open the borders completely as of today! Yes the rope line is interesting, and would be nice to know it's purpose.

Life's a beach!
I have seen the picture too. It was in one of the various SXM facebook groups, possibly Cedric's.
Sxmbeacher - I just read that. Maybe the demonstrations changed some minds But no violence reported, and we can now enjoy the whole island!

"But then I think about the good times, down in the Caribbean sunshine..." (J.B.)
Glad for that biturbo, as that is the side we prefer. Now just playing a wait and see before we book again.

Life's a beach!