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Club Orient

Haven't been on in awhile, but each time I hope to see some good news regarding Club Orient. Is there any real and true updates regarding rebuilding. The wife and I were down last year, nothing was going on at that time. The beach was still nice as always and as long you looked out across the water and not behind you, was like old times. Many great memories of a place we loved to go.

Anyone want to share your memories? I can't let the place go.

We went back in 2018. Almost a year after the storm, and nothing had been done. About the way it looks today, almost 3 years after the storm. We have given up on it and have moved on.

Other parts of Orient Beach were rebuilding and some were almost back to normal. Not Club O. Just a vast wasteland. So many good memories, but that is all we have. Time moves on.

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Where are people going instead?
We went last year and stayed in a VRBO close by and walked to the Club O beach each day. As lovethesun said, the beach is beautiful as long as you look out. I hear rumors from sources that claim they talked to someone in the know at the beach, that there has been some progress in the courts concerning the welded up owners, but that was months ago. At best it would still be years out i suspect. We are going to try Cypress Cove in Fla. next.

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Was there in March, as far as Club O goes, nothing has changed. But unless you wanted stay at Club O which is impossible, the beach and the island are still as beautiful and enjoyable as always, no need to look for another place to go, just another place to sleep.
False alarm. Cedric announced he was going home for the day due to lack of customers. He fully intends to keep the beach open under normal circumstances.
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