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Update Questions

Hello All,
I hope this message finds all who are reading it as happy and healthy as can be expected during this unprecedented time in our lives.
So like mant people, I am unable to work until at least June. Having said that, I was thinking that I could stay in my house for the next month (yet again) and look for ways to occupy my time or maybe, just maybe, I could do the same thing in SXM... just a thought. So my question is this, (assuming in the first place that I was actually able to get there). How are things on the island? What is open? What is closed? Does anyone have any sort of "inside scoop" on how things are on the ground in SXM at the moment? Would love to hear your comments.

One Life, One Love, One Island!!

From what I have been reading, the island is very locked down right now.
I thought as much. In hindsight I actually feel stupid even making the inquiry as in an earlier post I had made a comment about how it's not a good idea to try and travel and here I am looking into it myself. I guess 5 weeks in the house is getting to me a bit ( that and a lot of wine! thumbsUp ) In any event, the airport is still closed to all commercial flights and my Lear Jet is still in the shop so I think I'll just stay here in CT. bigsmile

One Life, One Love, One Island
If you are on Facebook that are a number of SXM groups with a number of ex pats on them. Lots of information.
Simply SXM
Pirates of SXM
Crazy about SXM