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Lake Como and Cypress Cove

I usually come to Orient Beach in March but since most of it has been removed elsewhere, have exploring other places for the all over tan.
Last year I went to Cypress Cove and I don't think a nicer place could be found.. This year I am going to spend a week at Lake Como and a week at Cypress Cove, both in Central FL.,I plan to go the middle of March. Can anybody give me some tips on these 2 Places and maybe point me to others in the same vein?
I will give an AAR when I come back.

We have visited Lake Como a few times. It's a really nice place, very laid back and everyone there is so friendly. We have not become members yet but will be getting a membership on the next visit. Once we get there and check in, we don't wear anything unless we are leaving the property. There is a restaurant that serves breakfast lunch and dinner called the Bare Buns cafe. There is also a bar named the Butt Hut where there is entertainment a few times a week/ The only negative thing, depending on your point of view, is that it is an older more "rustic" resort. Nearby is also Paradise Lakes, which is a little newer and I don't believe they are an AANR resort. Also nearby is Caliente which is also newer and not affiliated with AANR. We have never been to eother Paradise Lakes or Caliente but probably will be going there this year.
I will be going to Lake Como in the middle of March and plan to visit Paradise Lakes while I am in the area but. I notice that in 2019 there were a lot of negative reviews of it. I may try to go to Caliente too while I am in the area. I am already booked up at Cypress Cove for a week.

Paradise Lakes is very nice. were there for the New Year party 2020. We had a wonderful time. We stayed for 5 days
Everyone was friendly. Very nice place we are going again 2/17 - 2/21
The food is better at Cypress Cove, but otherwise they are both very nice. Lake Como has some great hiking trails that go around the property, while Cypress Cove only has streets to walk around the property. One thing we didn't try in the short time we had at Lake Como before our cruise was to take the trail directly behind the rental units near the office. We were told if you take them to the end you will end up in Paradise Lakes. You won't be able to go to the pool without buying a resort pass, but you can walk around the grounds. If their restaurant can be reached without going into the resort area, it would be worth giving a try.
I had a whirlwind tour of 3 Nudist resorts in a weeks time. The only way I could get a week at a nudist resort was to spread it out over 3 resorts. We started out at Paradise Lakes for 3 days. It was a real nice place and their Nude Laraoke is not like any Karaoke I have ever seen before. My only negatives is the room we had only had a bed and a TV, and although we had a room rented, we still were charged daily to use the grounds. Lake Como was real nice with friendly people, but we only there for 2 days then Went to Cypress Cove which is about as nice as it gets. We were supposed to stay until this Friday but I had a medical emergency and we left on Tues. Lucky we did too because the day after we left, they started shutting things down.. We got on I 75 going north and it looked like a Canadian parking lot since just about every car had Ontario plates.
I guess I will have to wait a couple of months and go to Rock Haven just south of Nashville. Nice little place.
All the resorts I mentioned would be worth a looksee.

Thanks for the report. Sounds like you had a good time while you were there, except the medical emergency. Hope it wasn't too serious. I wouldn't mind checking out Cypress cove someday.

Life's a beach!
I had planned to go to Rock Haven in TN this month but their website says that they are closed until further notice.