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Going to cypress cove

Wife and i will be going to Cypress Cove next month . We miss Club Orient sooooooooo much. Wish there was some hope but after two years we must move on. If Club Orient ever rebuilds we will be back . We went for a few weeks every year and there are no words to adequately express the inner peace that place brought me. It is a major loss for all naturists and for me that wound will never heal. So we will try to form the same feeling for Cypress Cove or at least something close. So sad.

Have a great trip and please let us know how you liked it! Haven't heard much about September visits.
My wife and I plan to go in November, let us know how things turn out.
We are planning for October, It will be good to hear how it went

Island Bound
Yes, we will be interested in reading the reviews. Never really thought about any resort other than Club O, but with all hope lost, it is time to either find someplace else or just give it up. At this point we are leaning toward the latter.

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Christa- you should try the Cove, we go there in the winter. Lots of fun people and good times plus very nice facilities. No, it's not Club O but is still a nice place to get nekkid! Feel free to PM me if you would like any insider info.

AND we do enjoy your posts here!

Rock haven nudist camp. We spent the last weekend there in it is a beautiful place just below Nashville TN. Weekends were all full so we had to take a cabin in the week. Not too many folks there at that time but there was enough to make a few friends. I was told that it is full every weekend. You always get day passes,$30 a couple. A more nice and peaceful would be hard to find. This week was my first visit and am planning to go down again on the Labor day weekend.
Have been to Cypress Cove several times, nice place. Lots of people on the weekends.