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Orient Beach Webcam

Cedrick is doing a great job and it would be great if there was a webcam at the Perch as there was before Irma. I know it's probably an impossibility right now since there is no utilities at the location right now. I would love to be able to see the beach and weather. Right now the only webcam to show a good shot of a beach is the Sunset Beach Bar webcam. But as we all know the weather at Maho can be totally different than at Orient.

They just put all those utilities in for the new beach bars, It wouldn't take much to shoot an extension over to Cedrick! LOL........... An Orient beach cam would be nice again, somewhere on the beach.

Life's a beach!
Unfortunately there won't be an utility extension over to Cedrick. Whatever he gets, he provides himself, with the help of the "friendly" owners. Generators provide the power for the Perch Lite. The rest of Orient Beach has electricity and water; Club O has nothing, other than the beach, Cedric's operation and the Perch Lite. Well, it has destruction and ruin, and there haven't been any updates to tell us that anything will change in the near future. In fact there have been no updates in a long time. Surely someone could have told us something?

For the Club O situation to have remained static for this long, I think there is divide among the owners as to what to do with the property. We have been told there is a problem with the "insurance." I think it goes much deeper than that. The Club O section is probably the most valuable parcel on the French side. I believe some of the owners want to rebuild and continue as a nude resort. The others want to sell to a developer, make a nice profit in a lump sum and leave Club O behind. If this is, in fact, the situation, It will be a long time in the resolution, and the probability of Club O being rebuilt as a nude resort is low.

So, the question for us becomes, do we want to continue to visit Club O as day trippers, while staying in the Village, or elsewhere on the French side, or do we want to find an alternative vacation site? Had we never experienced the convenience of Club O, I think we would be satisfied with day trips to the beach, as we did last year. * But the ability to step out of our waterfront chalet and be on the beach, and the closeness of Papagayo's to our chalet made Club O a location that was hard to beat. All of that is gone. It may be time for us to move on and see what else is available.
* We very much enjoyed our visit as day trippers last year and planned to return this year, but family matters intervened and we had to cancel.

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Christa, I think you hit the nail on the head.

Those of us that have never been able to enjoy the convenience of Club O don't know what we missed. We have only been there as day visitors. Until 2018 we never went past Pedro's but then we checked off the clothing optional beach from the bucket list. For our last vacation in June we stayed in the village and went 5 out 7 days to the Club O beach.

It would have been nice to be able to spend the day on the beach, go back to the room and shower and wait until dinner time where there was no need to worry about what to wear.

I agree that there are some serious issues with some of the owners that is causing this stalemate. Unfortunately they are all suffering from loss of revenue from their investment. I believe that if cooler heads prevailed, those that are dissatisfied would sell off their unit(s) and the rest would get to work on rebuilding.

We will be trying the Big Nude Boat 7 day cruise in February because it may give us the ability to experience a lot more freedom for clothing optional. While we know there are some restrictions on being nude such as while the ship is in port, while dining in the main dining room and/or specialty restaurants, the rest of the time we can be nude.

We are hoping that this will be similar to what you were speaking of as for convenience at Club O. We usually don't too much dining at the main dining room when we cruise, maybe a few nights. On those nights, we can just put on shorts and T shirts much like going off Club O property for a meal outside of the resort. Once we leave the dining room we'll head right back to the room and get naked again to enjoy the rest of the evening's entertainment. The casino, bars, dance clubs, theater, deckside are all au naturel, except of course while in port.

It will be nice on sea days to wake up, walk to the buffet sans clothing, get breakfast and either head to an outdoor table or stay inside to eat breakfast and enjoy some conversation with each other and newfound friends. Afterward head to the pool or just veg out on the deck.

From what we've read, the tour company running the cruise usually arranges for a few clothing optional excursions while in port so we can check those out to.

While not 100% the same, we are thinking this cruise will allow us to have a similar experience to Club O.
My understanding is that some owners have had a serious dispute with the club that goes back many years and stopped paying dues. They don't care if they never see insurance money as long as everyone else loses too.
I have only heard about this second or third hand, so I'm not going to go into details, as many are likely wrong or misunderstood by me.
If someone wanted to send Cedric a solar powered, cellular connected webcam and pay the bill, I'm sure he would set it up. :)
I plan to spend a week at Cypress Cove next month and will send an AAR when I get back. I also plan to day trip to OB sometime in the next few months.
Question, the women's bottom that folds up and stores inside itself on a belly-chain (that was advertised on the website), where can one purchase?