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The Rubble of Club O

This question is for those of you currently on the Island or who have recently visited: Is the rubble of what used to be Club O still there? Still there after 16 months with nothing being done? Oh sure they brought in an excavator and a dump truck for a week or so, but nothing else has been done as far as I can determine. Other resorts and businesses have had the rubble removed, finished new construction and are up and running. Not Club O.

When we were there in June, I realized this may well be the end of the resort we all loved so much. It discouraged me and made me angry. I'm still angry that nothing has been done. In fact I am angrier now than I was in June.

Last year my husband and I went to the Island and stayed in a studio next to the Village. We did that for two reasons: to have a good time and to support the Islanders. We did this at the urging of Dr. J. We did have a good time and decided to make a return trip in 2019.

But the longer the rubble of Club O sits there abandoned, the angrier I become.

I think this will be our last trip to the Island, even if the mess of Club O is eventually cleaned up and the resort rebuilt. But the longer it sits there in rubble, the less likely it will ever rise from the ruins. I have seen no encouraging news about the clean up, in fact, no news at all. From all I can tell, the same thing is being done now as was being done when we were there seven months ago—nothing, and we are now a long way from Irma.

So, if any of you recent visitors have news of clean up, please let us know.

Paragraphs Are A Reader's Best Friend.

Given that the corporation that ran the club is bankrupt and a few of the property owners have been in a battle with the others for a decade or more and are blocking the insurance settlement just to screw the rest, I think it's going to be rubble for a long, long time.
Please let us all know if you find a beach to visit that's worthwhile.