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Club Orient

Been away from the forum for awhile. I know it hasn't been that long since the last post about Club O. But I was just wondering if anything is going on at the resort,( any news or starting to rebuild?)

Nothing is going on that is public. The Club Orient management is going through bankruptcy, and the owners group is still fighting with the hold out owners that don't want to cooperate so they can get the insurance money to rebuild. Meanwhile the ruins just sets. What a shame. angryveryangry

Life's a beach!
We will be there next week admittedly with a bit of morbid curiosity to see the ruins. The pictures are heartbreaking. Looking forward to the beach and some old friends . We are meeting 6 other couples all of us long time Club O patrons.
Prepare yourself for a shock. The pictures don't do the ruins justice. When looking at the rubble in its entirety, the view is heartbreaking. The thing to do is just focus on the view out to sea when you are on the chairs. It is still a nice view from that position.

Enjoy your trip.

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So Ive heard from some other friends who stayed at Club Fantastico last November I believe it was. No matter, the best things about our trips to the island have always been the great friends we have made there and sharing the islands many delights with them. Thanks for the good wishes.
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