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Rental Cars

Are the rental companies up and running yet. In the past we have used Tropical and Mickey Daniels.

Island Bound

Yes, i believe most all of them are operating, and have heard of no shortages. I have personally used Automax, and Louis is great to deal with. Kenny's car rentals always gets beaming reviews, as do many others.

Life's a beach!
We've used Automax, and agree with sxmbeacher. In fact, we just booked a car for our December trip.
On our last trip, which was our first time staying on the island, we used Kenny's. He met us at the arrivals tent, took us to our car which was parked in the lot. We got in the car and he did the paperwork, explained the return process and we were off the airport property in less than 15 minutes. The return was even easier. Kenny's cars aren't the pristine cars you may get from one of the major companies but that also means that when you return the car to him, he isn't going to try to charge you $1,000 for a parking lot door ding.

His prices are very very reasonable. We will be going back in June for our 2nd trip and have already contacted him to set aside a vehicle for us.
Thanks for the info

Island Bound