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Cypress cove

I am thinking about going there in Dec, has anyone had any experience with the place?


We are back at Cypress Cove and it seems like December is a good time to visit. Many empty RV sites and motel rooms. AND they have decorated the place beautifully for the holidays. Lampposts wrapped with colored lights and the office looks like an entrant in "the Greatest Light Show" contest! The weather has been coolish e.g. highs in the 60's and low 70's but still plenty warm enough at the pools for sunbathing in the spots sheltered from the breeze. Great for golf, Joni got a hole in one yesterday and won the pot! Busy weekend coming, starting with a "Streak at Cheeks" DJ dance on Friday night, the Christmas Dance at Lakeside on Saturday night with our kinda music provided by our favorite group, The Taste of Love. Then caroling Monday night and a big potluck dinner on Tuesday.
Thankfully, we'll have a few days to rest up before the New Year's eve parties start, simultaneously at our choice of 4 locations in Cove facilities! (although I think Lakeside may be full by now).
Come on liver, you can make it!
Cool video from the 80's- life there is much the same now although there have been some nice additions, e.g. redone beach area, another pool, pool bar, pickleball courts: