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Making My First Trip to the Island in October

I had a short window to take some time off, so I decided to go big and head to the island for a few days. I’ll have 3 nights beginning on Friday to take in as much as possible. I was able to score a nice little villa across the street from the beach in Terres Basses so that’s where I’ll be operating out of. I’ve never been to a nude/clothing optional beach before so a trip to Orient Beach is a must. Other than that, what are your suggestions for a guy spending a couple of days in paradise?

Why would you go anywhere other than Club O Beach?
While I appreciate your point. Two reasons. First, there’s not enough sunscreen in the world to protect my fair skin from 3 days of naked bliss on the beach. Second, I’m not likely to have this chance again for awhile so I’d like to get a little diversity in my activities. For instance I’ve never been snorkeling so that is also on the list.
Originally posted by Christa Why would you go anywhere other than Club O Beach?

Totally share this sentiment--prolly many here do. But it took me a few visits to realize all I need is the Club O beach. We've been able to make a annual pilgrimage since 2004. We've stayed at various locations and did a lot of busy stuff trying to visit a bunch of places, until I realized that we were wasting basically an entire day of beach time just driving around.

You should go to Club O beach on the first day. Then spend the next visiting some other place--walk around Phillipsburg or Marigot. You'll likely be back to Club O beach on the third day. Whatever you do, I hope you have a great experience and that it is only the first of many. Also, you definitely have to go to dinner in Grand Case--it's the gourmet capital of the Caribbean.
You will get umbrellas at Club O, so that will give protection from the sun. Still need to use sunscreen, though.
Another Club O vote here, but i know what your saying. Maybe you should look into a boat excursion. I believe Capt. Alan's boat charters does snorkeling and even has a nude cruise on certain days and you can combine the two activities. Plane watching from Driftwood beach bar on Maho beach. Rainforest Adventures has the worlds steepest zip line with views of the whole island from the top, which i will try next trip.

Life's a beach!

Life's a beach!
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I appreciate the input. Is there a best time to show up at Orient Beach?

I’m arriving October 26th. If anyone is hanging out on the West end of the island that weekend let me know. I apparently have a pool and a hot tub at the place I’m renting.
Any time at Club O Beach is a good time. When we were there in June, there wasn't much at Orient Beach except for Club O's beach.