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Cruise ship port transport to and from Orient Beach?

We are going to be going to St. Martin the first week in November via Royal Caribbean's Allure of the Seas. We have always taken a taxi from the port to Orient Beach in the past. We are concerned that this year there may not be dependable taxi service to and especially from the beach. We don't want to get to the beach and then not be able to get back to the ship before it disembarks the port.

Can anyone tell us what the taxi situation is from the cruise ship port to Orient Beach? Can we feel secure that if we go to Orient, that we can get a taxi back?



Normally, if you ask the driver to pick you up at a time certain, they will do it. I have never heard of anyone being stranded.
Thanks, I haven’t either. Just didn’t know what the current situation is with fewer people going to the French side.
There must be plenty of taxi's as there have been many reports of lots of cruisers on orient, Club O specifically, but just ask at the cruise terminal where the taxi's leave from.

Life's a beach!
The taxi drivers are normally reliable. If you ask them to pick you up at a time certain, they will do so. No need to hope for a stray taxi to take you back to the boat.

The taxis now load and unload passengers right next to the Perch Lite. It is close to the old taxi stand at Pedro's. Very convenient.
We were just there on the Celebrity Equinox. Van from port is same as last year. I believe the price may have increased a dollar. They now drop you at the former Pedro's site and pickup is the same . No worries abt being stranded. Plenty of cabs.
I have been there via cruise shiip (3) times since hurricane, latest being in last week in August and have continued to enjoy our visit every time! Unfortunately the cab drivers are not very enthusiastic about making Orient beach drops due to lack of reliable volume in opposite direction, particularly if weather is cloudy. You may have to insist to get a cab to Club O. If you are at the cruise cab station one of the drivers is obliged to take you. Note that Perch Bar Lite may not be open during poor weather. You may wind up getting dropped off at Orient Village & having to walk over. There is a lot of negative chatter about Orient Beach in the cruise websites. Of course we love Orient & try to inform the folks that the beach is in fine shape. But a lot of cruisers are looking for canned entertainment. Ask the Perch Lite staff to call you a cab while they are still open. Do allow extra time to get back to ship as you may once again have to walk the beach to catch your cab, especially when the Perch lite closes & the gate gets locked!
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We were just there Thursday (the one year anniversary of Irma) and were able to catch a cab back to our ship from the Pedro's lot. It was the only one there, so if he had been waiting for someone else we would have had to head up to Orient Village.