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Parking for Club Orient Beach

It sounds like it will be a while before CO opens and we have to consider staying elsewhere and drive to the beach. Is there an area to park nearby? Without our beachfront chalet we'll have to carry all sorts of stuff.

Thanks for your help.

BTW, I've read the beach is in good shape. How is it in the water? Still sandy and easy to get in and out?

Yes, the parking area is right behind the Perch Lite. As you are coming down the road to Club O, turn left at the road just before the old guard house as if you were going to Pedros. When you get to the beach, turn right into the parking lot. You shouldn't have to carry much as everything is provided at the Club O Beach. Chairs, umbrellas, food and drink are all available.

Water is the same. Beach is wider, much wider. That is the only difference. We wore beach shoes in the water and on the non packed sand as we were concerned about unseen glass, nails, etc.

We went in June, and while it was not nearly as convenient, or as much fun, to stay elsewhere, it was good to be on the Club O beach again. Really missed Papagayo, though.

I wrote a report about our trip you might find helpful. It is maybe 13 or 14 threads below this one. I probably ought to bump it as it has gotten buried. If, after reading it, you have questions, I will be glad to answer them.
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Thanks Christa. That was very helpful. Of course we'll miss Papagayo, and our friends, and taking three steps from the chalet and be on the beach but what can you do?