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Nude beaches in Guadeloupe???

Considering a vacation to Guadeloupe in January. Was wondering if any of you have vacationed there.

Guadeloupe is a wonderful place to visit. It's like going to a place where the tourists have not been yet. If you don't speak French it is a challenge. I did it with out speaking any French and am going back again. The restaurants are great but the menus are only in French. There is one official nude beach but so many have nobody on them you can do as you like.
Guadeloupe is a vast and beautiful island .A lot for those who like trekking .Difficult if you do not speak french.Americans usually stay in resorts .It can also be unsafe in some parts of the island.I would not recommend to get naked on a desert beach .

We were there in 2015 for a week. Flew out of SXM.
Stayed at a great VRBO in Le Moule. Nude beach is at the east end of the island. Topless beach is commonplace. Mountains at the west end. Highest waterfall in the Caribbean is here. Very much worth the 1 1/2 hour hike to see it.
The English/French series ?Death in Paradise? is filmed at Deschais at the west end. Interesting to see the locales from the series.
Our high school French was adequate to get around. Very friendly people. Advisable to rent a car. Roads range from four-lane highway to single -lane tracks. Brought our GPS from home. Very accurate.
Jacques Cousteau Marine Park is on our dive list for next trip. Great snorkeling at most beaches.
Just don't be anywhere near the docks in Pointe-a-Pitre as it is getting dark, especially on a holiday like Carnivale when shops are all closed. Our cruise in 2015 had a fairly late departure and a couple of stragglers who were getting back as it was getting dark were mugged. It was bad enough that the 2016 cruise switched from Guadeloupe to Martinique for their Carnivale stop. The rest of the island was nice, although we went to the west side of the island and as Canuckcpl stated, the nude beach is at the east end.