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I'm heading down to Playalinda beach in about a week.
Any guess how bad parking will be on a Sunday afternoon? If I can't park at 13, how far down does the nude use go these days?

Thanks. I'll post when I get back.

Went to Apollo yesterday. Met some people that were at Playalinda a couple of days earlier. They said Playalinda was better than Apollo. Also said the lot was full and they had to park at 13 about 1.8 miles away. Also said that they hitch hiked to and from and people were more than willing to offer a ride,

Island Bound
when we were there in march nude use started at 11 with no problem
Looks like my report got lost in the cleanup.

I was there with a friend on May 14. We arrived around 2:00 pm and got the last parking spot in 13, after passing a couple of empty spots in 11 and 12.
We walked nude down the beach for as far as we could see nude people and turned around just before 11 when we stopped seeing nude people and saw a bunch of kids running between the sand and the water. If the kids hadn't been there and my walking companion had been willing, I probably would have gone a bit further to see if there were any more nude people.
It was an amusing walk. T. would say to me "maybe we should go back". I would point out a nude person and she would relax and walk on.
We take bicycles when we visit Playalinda.. eliminates the risk for walking several stations.
Gonna be in Cocoa Beach in a few weeks, can anyone give directions to Playalinda

Island Bound
Find directions on National park service website. Access to Playalinda is in Titusville FL. Take your national parks pass if you have one otherwise there is a entrance fee.

Kentucky Couple
Thanks KY couple I do have the pass

Island Bound
I was there a couple of weeks ago. Sunday was busy enough that we had to park at 10 and walk to 11 before seeing anyone nude.