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How to watch NFL playoffs from Club O?

Anyone know of a good way to see the wildcard games on Jan 7? I could probably try to stream it, but iClub O internet connection is too slow... was hoping for a tv feed

-- Sandman

club o has all the major networks in there rooms-no problem with FB or BB plus espn
They have CBS and FOX?

-- Sandman
Yes they do. We watched the Seahawks game in our room on Fox in our room in December.

I was opposed to TV's in the rooms, but enjoyed seeing the game.
Yes, easy watch now.

I think the TVs are a good addition. For those worried about noise, the TVs have volume limiters.
sweet - I never wanted the TVs but ... now I'm glad lol

-- Sandman
If you want a very big screen option, we watched the Super Bowl in February in a bar/restaurant that is just across the entrance of Orient Bay Village. I don't recall the name but it was very easy to get to (car or walk) and a very nice place to watch the game.
Best of luck to your team on the 7th and throughout the play-offs, unless they face the Patriots, in which case I have to go with the home team!
I don't believe they have PBS, so no chance to watch the Muppet Bowl.
Club Orient also has a bigger screen TV in the community room. We've watched several games there.

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