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Sxm to Bos

I was checking Jet Blue but they are still stating seasonal for May.
Had a great direct last May. How does everyone get back to Boston?
Looking to bypass a five hour layover at JFK to get back to Maine.
Thanks in advance.
Carib cheers,

Some of you must fly back to Boston![rocksmil]
Any suggestions or preferences?
Thanks so much.
Carib cheers,
Merry Christmas.
Hi,I'm from Boston area. I already have my air booked for June. It took a lot of looking but I actually found a direct flight there. I don't have the return yet. I am flying Jet Blue. But check out American Airlines and Delta. What do you mean by seasonal? All the flights are listed Where in Boston do you live? Right in the city? I am south of Boston
Thanks Nomie,
I live in Maine but trying to avoid a five hour layover at JFK. Last May we had a direct to Boston by Jet Blue. We arrived by bus back to Portland 5 hours early.
Jet Blue is showing that flight starting 6/3.
We may be returning before that date.
Carib cheers,
Hi DoctorJ - We're booked on a Jet Blue direct flight from Boston (Logan) to SMX, leaving 2/10 and returning 2/17 or Friday to Friday. When we booked a month or so ago, Jet Blue also had direct flights on the weekend, but, if I recall, not during the week, ex. Fridays. I also recall that Jet Blue only has direct flights during the high season but not the low season (spring, summer, etc.), although it looks like there are exceptions. Hope that helps and best of luck.
Thanks Soxfan.
We are kindred spirits. Going to spring training games in February.
Go Sox,
Carib cheers,
Yes,June 3 is my flight. Now to find a direct flight back. I really hate the long lay over also.
Thank you!
Just booked a Saturday home to Boston.
Wahoo. Saves a 5 hour layover in JFK.
SXM here we come.
Carib cheers,
What dates are you flying?
Hi DoctorJ I'm.a Boston native. Don't know if it helps but you can fly out of Portland Me. To Sxm. With a 2 hr min layover. Delta and americian both do those flights. Lots of availability in June.

FYI. To all who don't like the long layovers. If you book direct through the airline there are more options.
Thanks all,
I fly from Portland to JFK to SXM by Jet Blue and arrive by 1 pm.
Great flight.
Was able to book a flight back to Boston and we will grab a bus back to Portland.
Works great!
Carib cheers,
The Non-stop on JB to BOS is Saturday only. And I believe it's seasonal, as well. Don't know when that ends. My neck of the woods. It's the best way to fly....however, we've spent many hours @ JFK on a connex and it isn't a horrible connex. Lots of shops and restaurants. But, I'm with you.....we love to get away but getting home is especially wonderful when it's quick.
Good Luck!!

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