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Next Trip

Good Evening, Planning my trip to St. Martin, We used to go for New Years, but are now looking to go in February. Have never been in February is any one week better than another?

Feb is usually a good time to go. The Christmas/New years crowds are gone and things start to settle back down. Restaurants are still busy with the heavy crew population still on the island. They all seem to have a ton of money and love to party.
You didn't say where you plan to stay, but if it is at Club O, it is pretty much booked for February. Only the Mini Suite Deluxe has a full week available. I imagine most other places are booked as well. February is a busy month.
We have been on the island during February nearly every year since 1995. Almost any week will be fine, but French side gets pretty busy around Mardi Gras with parades and parties. It is high season and the beach, especially down in front of Club Orient can get rather crowded. You would need to get there fairly early in the morning to get chairs, unless, of course, you actually are staying at CO. We'll be there this coming Feb.5 - 21, 2017.
I always go Super Bowl week------Get to see the same great crowd every year.