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San Onofre

We just moved back to SoCal from North Carolina. We used to be frequent visitors to Black's beach, but that would be quite a drive from OC. San Onofre is an easy drive and would be a great day trip. Has anyone been there lately? I have read about a nude use crack down but was hoping things are back to usual. If San Onofre is out, any other recommendations between San Diego and LA?

There was a crackdown about ten years ago but you can still get nude, just "on the other side of the fence" - Camp Pendleton. Before going, I read a few things about Marines shooing people off the base but I never saw anything. I just walked clothed to the fence, crossed over, took everything off and continued walking, about 1/4 mile. Along the way I saw a few nude people here and there, very low key and relaxed. Still great in my book.
"I read a few things about Marines shooing people off the base"

There are very few people / issues I would be willing to take a bullet, tan-lines are not one of them.

Is there really no other beach north of Black's where nude use is acceptable?
There are none until you get into the Santa Barbara area. The only nude/clothing optional beach that is left in So Cal is Black's.

The Marines will NOT shoot you ... they will intimidate the hell outta you to get off the property! We ventured down that way many times and the harshest the Marines have ever been was to say ... "you are trespassing on military property. You need to vacate the area immediately." Most times it was ... "we're gonna have to ask you to leave this area, you're not suppose to be on this side of the fence."

At all times, they gave us ample time to gather our things and go back to the other side of the fence. From what I've read lately, a few still go to San O, venture south of the fence line and the Marines presence is hit and miss. Sometimes they don't even tell the nudists to leave. You take your chances.