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Beach conditions

We are vacationing Orient Beach (Club O) March 6th+. We have stayed there 7-8 times over the last 15 years but have recently heard of significant beach erosion and having to actually swim up to the Perch Bar. Also many shut down beach bars and attractions. Does anyone know if this is true?

Also, we have enjoyed walking the full length of the beach nude early mornings (7ish) but it has been frowned upon from time to time, year to year. Any thoughts?


My wife and I stayed at Club O February 1st through February 17th 2016. True, the beach is narrower but, swimming up to the Perch is a huge exaggeration! We picked loungers between the Perch and Papagayo approximately in front of unit 52 and there were four rows of chairs in this area.

All of the old buildings between Pedro's and Kon Tiki were torn down and rebuilt. A number of the merchandise vendors were open in the new buildings while we were there but none of the restaurants had opened. I've read that Aloha and Sun Beach Clubber have since opened.

Most days I was able to walk the beach in front of Pedro's, there was only two days that I chose to walk through the parking lot instead of the knee deep water in front of the rocks.

There were nude walkers on the beach daily, some past 8 AM.

Have a great trip! We are already booked for February 2017.

The Simpsons
Just back after our stay from Feb 20-28th. Over the course of the week we noticed a nice build up of beach by Papagayo's and even moreso at both sides of the rock wall at Pedro's. There was even a noticeable build up by the Perch, which allowed more folks to stay dry, while in line for Happy Hour!
With the absence of the 'Nudity Is Prohibited' sign at Pedro's, we also noticed more couples walking nude to the very end, even as late as 8 on Sunday!

Peter and Amy
I was wondering if the sign came down with the construction. I hope it's an indication that things are swinging back to being a bit more relaxed about nudity.
The sign was right at Pedro's, as I remember it, and the construction is a little north of there. Doubt that the construction is close enough to have affected the cursed sign. I doubt things will ever be as relaxed as they were before the appearance of the sign.
The sign was there during our stay 2/1/16-2/17/16.

The Simpsons
The sign has been moved to higher ground more on the Pedros section! At the way this erosion is going the Perch will have to remove the steps and place them on the side of the building. Those stairs will be under water very soon.

[vacation] Contessa

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Pahty with Contessa!
Is the erosion really that bad? I remember at different times of the year you could walk in front of Papagyos and other times you couldn't. Depending on the season. It was the same for the rocks at Pedros, sometimes you can walk if front of the rocks, other time you had to walk around the back.
Yes, it's the worst I've seen in 32 years......hoping it gets better.

[vacation] Contessa

Life is Great...
Pahty with Contessa!
I wonder if the owners of Club Orient would consider adding another beach cam. One that is pointed the other direction form the Perch Bar, so we could see more of the beach erosion. That part of the beach was mostly larger. Just wondering what it looks like now.
Three pictures taken from a boat yesterday 06/03/2016 - There are two swim rafts in fantastic condition. Very buoyant and rather stable as they're supported by floats like these - Have fun with a Sinko-de-Mayo event now! I think they might need to stack people to get one of these submerged!

Club Orient Beach Center portion

Papagayo from water (note the seawall was extended)

The Perch Beach Bar
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very nice looking forward to going back
Thanks for the photos, Mainahs. That ought to put to rest some of the fears expressed of the beach eroding away to nothing.

While I noticed the center part of the Club O beach was narrower than in years past (and your pics show that), it wasn't really that bad. And in some places, as in front of the waterfront chalets, the beach looked to be as it did in the old days.

Remember, whatever the sea takes away, the sea shall eventually give back.
The beach comes and goes each month and season. You can't compare the beach in February with the beach in June. February was horrible! NO beach. People just squeezed together from Perch towards Papagayo and that's where it opened up. The beginning of the beach past Pedros was nonexistent. They had to put lounges up high on the grass before and around The Perch. It wasn't good at all. We chose to sit in Pedro's area, 1st time in 32 years. I wasn't walking all the way to Papagayo just to have some space around me. It was good enough. We did miss our friends who chose to walk that far. With needing a knee replacement.....wasn't happening. LOL.

[vacation] Contessa

Life is Great...
Pahty with Contessa!
So does the beach build up during the summer and is larger in the fall?
Normally it builds up in winter.